Welcome to Intro to Mass Communications. You will refer to this website, The Media Rewind, for class lesson plans and assignments. You will also become a writer for this website, sharing some of your own media criticism. Some of the content may be compiled for opinion commentary that remains on the website.

Later in the semester, I will also ask you to register for one more blog, so that you can turn your work in there. That’s why one of our first steps is to get you on WordPress. If you already have a WordPress account, great. If you don’t, please visit the WordPress site and register for a WordPress account like you would for any other social media site providing a email address, username and password.

This week, I will be sending an invitation to your student email account to become a writer for The Media Rewind. Please make sure you are logged into your account (and not logged into someone else’s account who has used the same computer) when you accept the invitation. That will enable you to write for this blog.

Any questions? Email me at ldrucker@olemiss.edu.