logo2By Brittney N. Jackson

The president of the United States is a title that should be held by a candidate with poise, class and grace. The president is known to be the leader of the free world, the head of the most powerful country, and the deciding factor on life-changing decisions.

But in addition to all of these titles, along with other duties and responsibilities, today’s president should also be media friendly. Today’s president should be someone who cannot only address the Prime Minister of Britain on national television, but also Tweet to the small town mother of three.

So what happens when Mr. President lacks the proper media etiquette? With today’s technology enabling the world to instantly know when the U.S. president makes a mistake, media etiquette is almost essential. And this is where President Donald J. Trump fails.

Trump lacks the proper media etiquette to competently portray himself with the class a president should have. He has been known to state his opinions without thinking about how they will affect those around him. On social media, he has directly attacked people and given speeches that have degraded marginalized groups. Trump has used the media as a place of expression instead of a place of informing. Politically, he has started major uproars with millions of world citizens with his outrageous and exaggerated plans of building walls and placing bans on targeted groups of people.

Perhaps his greatest slip-up with the media came when asked about who should win the presidency. Trump took to social media to express his disproval of the election if he did not win. He also used the media to target candidate Hillary Clinton, calling her “nasty” and unfit to take the position of president.

Trump abuses the media every day that he uses it as an outlet for slandering Americans and those of other countries. He has sparked conversation of George Orwell’s “hate speech,” and he tarnishes the meaning of the term “American.” Trump lacks what it takes to be president and the proper communication skills need for the most powerful position in the world.