logo2By Jack Danaher

As a registered Republican, I do not think President Trump has done a great job dealing with the media and journalists. Since day one, the newly elected president has been thin skinned. Anything that is said about him in a negative way bothers him, and that results in him lashing out against the media, whether it be via Twitter, an interview, or at one of his campaign rallies.

Now that he holds the most important job in the world, President Trump needs to be disciplined when dealing with the media. The media will be covering every decision Trump makes. Unfortunately, some of those decisions will spark criticism from the media and journalists.

No American wants to see their president act like this, berating the media or ranting about how overrated a TV show or an actress is just because they mock you and don’t believe that you are qualified to be president. The people of our country want to see a president that will mute all of this criticism, rise up and prove to those people who doubted you that they were all wrong about your integrity.

President Trump is not the only one to blame for this poor relationship. The media and journalists are just as guilty. Never in the history of the United States of America has a newly elected president received this much heat from the media.

Only one week into his first term as commander-in-chief and already media outlets have bashed him. They have yet to even give him a chance to run the country.

Throughout his campaign, which was an ugly one, the media only focused on the negatives. He was barely given credit for, not only winning the Republican nomination, but winning it by a landslide. What amazed me most was, when Trump won the 2016 election, he was immediately attacked by the media, who were wrong about the election.

Throughout all of this criticism aimed at Trump, would anybody expect him to just sit back and take it? No, especially if it is about his integrity. There have also been times when there was no need to disrespectfully respond to some of the critical jabs the media inflicted on him.