logo2By Madison McGrath

It is no secret that President Trump does not have a good relationship with the media. However, I cannot say it is entirely his fault. Trump lacks experience dealing with the media that politicians running against him were fully equipped to handle.

Trump has worked the majority of his life as a CEO of his own company where all he receives is respect and praise from his employees, but now for the first time, he is on the receiving end of constant criticism and ridicule. As an outspoken businessman, Trump was bound to have enemies. However, reporters, celebrities and protestors have been especially harsh towards Trump from the moment he became a frontrunner in the election.

The media’s scorn towards Trump has only gotten worse as he has made his first decisions as president. Although I do not agree with the way Trump responds to the media, the amount of immense pressure he receives daily as the leader of this country is enough to make anyone defend themselves by any means necessary.

At the beginning of a presidency, no one should be as brutally judged by the media. Trump has not even been given the chance to prove what kind of leader he will be for our country. I believe that is because of the media’s biased opinions. Many Americans have already been influenced to write Trump off as a failure to the United States before he was even elected.

Though the Donald Trump I knew before he announced his plan to run for the presidency was not the kindest man or boss, I personally have not decided what my opinion of President Trump is yet because I do not have enough evidence to judge him on what kind of leader he will be for my country. I am interested to see what a successful businessman will do when put in charge of the economy.