logo2By Alexis T. Rhoden

President Trump does an absolutely horrific job with social media. I have never seen a president who puts all of the United States’ business on social media.

Although, social media became more popular during Obama’s administration, he never took it this far. Trump takes his every emotion to Twitter. This makes me wonder if terrorists are scoping his Twitter account waiting for new information.

I believe Trump is misusing his platform. I believe that he has engaged in cyberbullying, and, overtime, there will be a thing called the Trump Effect. The Trump Effect will be when the youth look back and see that Donald Trump has said these outlandish things on social media ridiculing people who are different from him or those with whom he doesn’t agree. It will normalize this distasteful behavior for them.

Presidents are supposed to be leaders of the country. He is leading us in the wrong way, knowing that many people today don’t have a brain of their own. He immaturely rants, arguing with businesses on the internet, which makes me wonder if there will be any need for press conferences from the White House during his administration. “Did you catch Trump’s conference?” “No, but I checked his Twitter account and summed up what all he said.”

How can we take Trump seriously if he gets so defensive when asked a question? It’s sickening that people think it’s a joke for the president to carry on in such a unprofessional manner.