logo2By Abby Ray Vance

If I believe that Donald Trump deals with the media in a favorable way, does that make me a conservative? If I believe that Donald Trump deals with the media in an offensive manner, does that make me a liberal?

Trump is being mocked and berated. Nonetheless, he is fulfilling what he promised. I believe he handles the media the best way possible.  He may seem a little arrogant at times, but that is his personality.

From the moment Trump announced he was running for president, all media sources, with the exception of Fox News, didn’t take his announcement seriously. While campaigning, he had little-to-no help from the media, the Republican Party – no one.  Roughly half of the media outlets thought Trump wasn’t fit to run for president, much less hold the title.

The relationship Trump has with the media and journalism is a direct reflection of one’s viewpoints.  Where a liberal might believe that Trump handles the media in a terrible way, a conservative believes just the opposite.  The beliefs of liberals and conservatives are diametrically opposed – always have been and always will be.

Trump handles the media through Twitter, which has received mixed emotions.

When Trump makes a statement, the media picks him apart, twists his words, and expands all of his ideas into something that is completely skewed.

The media put a spin on what he said, attempting to discredit him and his campaign. Therefore, when the media began to twist and morph Trump’s information, he turned to Twitter.

Since his Twitter account is run by him, all of his information is unfiltered – meaning that everything Trump posts on Twitter comes directly from his mouth, rather than coming from 15 news sources.

Even after Trump won the Republican Party nomination, the media continued to try to prove him unworthy of holding the position to be president. They reported “fake news,” fabricating every word he said.

When Trump defied all odds by winning the 2017 presidential election, he won by himself, with his own money, with no help from the media, and with no help from the Republican Party.  Even after he won, protests were staged and supported by the liberal media.

So for one to suggest that Donald Trump does or does not treat the media fairly depends entirely on his or her political views.  From this conservative’s point of view, I prefer my news unfiltered and unfettered.