logo2By Eliza McDow

Our question of the week in my introduction to mass communication class is relevant at this pivotal time in history:

Which statement do you believe is true and why?

1. President Donald Trump does a great job dealing with the media and journalists.

2. President Donald Trump does a terrible job dealing with the media and journalists. Please pick one of the statements and explain.

Let me preface this response with a description of my political views. I was born and raised in the predominantly conservative state of South Carolina.  My parents are both extremely right-winged. My dad and I voted for Gary Johnson, the libertarian candidate, which was essentially a way to vote for Trump without actually putting a check by Donald J. Trump on the ballot, while my mom voted for Trump.

I have been raised in the middle-upper class society, so I certainly agree on certain conservative foreign policy and fiscal issues. However, when it comes to social dilemmas, I am much more left-sided. I wish I liked Trump more because he is conservative. However, I am absolutely against him taking on the role as the leader of our nation because he is incredibly unqualified.  He is inconsiderate, crude, irreverent, and overall, an extremely unfit presidential candidate in my eyes.

I believe President Donald Trump does a terrible job dealing with the media and journalists. Trump in the media is an absolute joke. One of his most well-known criticisms is his infamous Twitter account. The Tweets I have posted below are only a few of the things he has said that are beyond my comprehension.


While some Trump supporters may see these as humorous, light-hearted or even (shockingly) INTELLIGENT, I was appalled to find that one of our nation’s most popular candidates was actually publicly stating such immature, vile, and just downright stupid comments.

From the get go, I knew I would not be voting for someone with such a disgustingly sexist, unfledged mindset about this country and its citizens. It leaves me flabbergasted to try and put myself in a Trump supporter’s shoes, as it is just unfathomable to me that someone could genuinely read these and still want him to make life-changing decisions for the entire population of the United States.

So, no, I do not think Trump represents our nation or our government well in the media and with journalists at all.  He seems as if this is all a game, and that he can do whatever his heart desires because he is entitled to do so. He does not consider how his actions in the public (or in private – let’s not forget his memorable statement about how to treat women [I’ll leave it at that] that was caught on tape) will influence others.

That should be a basic quality of anyone who is even considering becoming the president of the United States. Donald Trump is someone that I want to respect, and have tried to respect. However, the way he presents himself to the press is something that I will never be able to overlook.