logo2By Jyesha Johnson

In the 1920s, one could expect to hear President Franklin D. Roosevelt on the radio during a fireside chat reassuring Americans about the progress of the economy.

In the 1960s, one could turn on the television and see President John F. Kennedy as he addressed reporters at his press conference about the plight of the Civil Rights Movement. In 2017, you can log onto Twitter and see President Donald Trump attacking The Washington Post and The New York Times for being “dishonest.”

The media is a an important link between citizens and the government. Trump took advantage of this link when he began to pursue the presidency of the United States as an infamous public figure and a household name.

The media played a significant role in Trump’s presidency as he took advantage of his exposure to express potential policy agenda and mislead the public.

It is very common to go on Twitter and see Trump Tweet about his plan to build a wall around America and ban immigrants. Social media is where Donald Trump established his platform to “Make America Great Again.” By seeking attention through media, he gained the attention of countless voters and many followers via social media and in “real life.”

Trump did a great job using the media and gaining attention initially, but the tables have turned. The same media he used to win the presidency is the same media that is now troubling him.

This shift in power to manipulate the media has caused Trump to seek refuge in his Tweets by attacking journalists and news outlets. His recent Tweets directed at the media reveal his dismay about how things have turned out.

Trump spent his first day in office attacking media representatives for allegedly downplaying the attendance of his inauguration. Also, he took to social media to respond to actress Meryl Streep’s acceptance speech. Streep expressed dismay that he seemingly imitated a disabled reporter. Trump responded by calling Meryl Streep “overrated” and a “Hilary lover.”

Although his constant Twitter attacks directed at the media are not practical, his concern with the media is. Presidential news greatly affects presidential influence and approval.

You should never bite the hand that feeds you. Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy used television and radio to address the public about their plans for America. Trump uses social media to attack journalists for reporting “fake news.”