logo2By Margaret Wallace

I often wonder if President Trump’s motto is that “all publicity is good publicity.” If anyone reflects on Trump’s career – whether it be prior to him deciding to run for the most prestigious office in the world, during his campaign, or during his time as president of the United States thus far – it is clear that he has always adored the spotlight and will do seemingly anything to be in it.

While starring in “The Apprentice” or Tweeting, President Trump has no trouble attracting the attention of the media, but he often goes about it in all the wrong ways.

When Trump addresses the media, he attacks them. In turn, he also shuns anyone he views as a “liberal,” which happens to be a large percentage of our nation’s population, in the most undignified ways possible. It is painfully obvious that when someone, whether it’s a reporter, news outlet, or even a citizen, disagrees with Trump or attempts to confront his short comings, he enters full blown attack mode.

Does this mean our new president is a terrible man who has made it his mission to destroy our country? I highly doubt it. However, it does mean he makes it easy for the media to portray him as the “bad guy.”

Most likely Trump believes he is doing what is best for the United States. Trump is passionate about everything he does. However, it is how he executes his passionate stances on things that cause him so much trouble in the media. As the leader of the American people, it is his duty to project his thoughts and plans clearly, respectfully, and with dignity.

Running the most powerful nation in the world cannot be done without compromise. A truly great president would realize that no one is always 100 percent right. My advice to Donald Trump would be to hire a new public relations team, or to listen to the American people’s concerns through the media.

Trump probably really does want to “Make America Great Again,” but the barricade he is building between himself and the American people is going to make it impossible for him to do a sufficient job. The media-driven world we live in could be President Trump’s greatest tool to communicate with the American people. He simply must learn to calm down.