logo2By Jack Danaher

My earliest media memory was watching Fox News cover the 2004 presidential election day between George. W Bush and John Kerry. It was the first time I had ever watched the news because I only followed sports. I didn’t really understand what the reporters were talking about that night, but that didn’t matter because I was only looking at who was winning, how many votes each candidate had, and which states they were winning in.

The reason why my media is different from my parents’ is because of social media. Neither of my parents are on any social media applications because they are used to receiving news from the radio, TV, and the newspaper. I believe social media is an excellent way to receive news because you can follow what your friends are doing, what is new with them, and people can also follow news outlets and receive updated news. Another difference between my media and my parents’ is I usually receive news earlier than they do, and that is from having social media or downloading a news application that gives me notifications of updated news.

I don’t think the media I receive is much different than the media children today receive. In this day and age, most children are on social media and have cell phones. One difference between my media and children’s is most children have not matured enough yet to watch the news or read a newspaper. Children are so hooked on social media and their cell phones, they miss out on important news. I know this because I used to be that kid who wouldn’t take his head out of his phone and follow important news.

Even some kids my age do not follow current events. When I was their age, I used media the same way they did. For television, I only watched movies and Nickelodeon. I never listened to the news or talk shows. When I used the computer, it was for social media so I could message my friends or play a computer game.

Our technology has forced my generation to fall behind on keeping up with news. Everyone is so worried about who is texting them and how many followers they have on their Twitter account. Nobody pays attention to the real world anymore.