logo2By Kedrick Smith

Donald Trump has to be the most popular figure of 2016, and he is already reclaiming his throne of popularity for 2017. People dislike him for the same reason he is so prominent.

To many, Trump is a horrible person, and a horrific president – from his inappropriate dialogue to his social media rants. As a billionaire, his common sense skills are questionable.

He doesn’t handle the media terribly, but he doesn’t handle it the way a president should. If it’s any hint how he is going to handle his presidency, then it’s going to be rough. To Trump supporters, his lashes on social media might seem like he’s standing his ground, but to others, it looks disgusting. It’s not that he can’t have an opinion, but some things just shouldn’t be put out there.

For example, Tweeting about Hillary Clinton and former President Obama was inappropriate and uncalled for. Although he said what he felt, it should have been handled in a better manner.

No person wants to see their president Tweeting everything he has to say. Some things should remain unsaid. The way he talks in the media with a comedic tone makes him look childish and irresponsible. I’m not saying he is childish, but the way he handles media makes him look childish.

He handles the media like a regular person would. Being president of the United States should make him address problems more professionally. It’s not that he’s a bad president, he just has some growing up to do in the media’s eyes. There’s always a better way to handle any given situation.