logo2By Lexi McCoy

Donald Trump has had to deal with the media in ways most people couldn’t tolerate. He is always going to get backlash, and he’s always going to have negative things said about him, no matter what he does. I believe he deserves credit where credit is due.

It has to be a lot of pressure having the whole country waiting to critique your every move. I don’t always agree with what he says, but I do think we need a president who knows how to fight back when needed.

Having been in the spotlight for decades, the crazy reactions he’s getting on social media aren’t all that new to him. This past election has been one of the most controversial elections to date. His bold personality and capability to fight back are assets that helped him in the election. The media can take any story about anyone and turn it into something nasty, which is wrong and only makes some people’s hatred for Trump grow more.

Media is such a scary thing, and it’s probably the one thing that’s scared me most about this election, because all this hate is going to lead to is violence, which is probably the last thing America needs. The way Trump bounces back and continues fighting shows he is dedicated to what he’s doing, and those qualities make me have more confidence in him.

It’s a natural instinct for most people to get defensive, or fight back when they feel as though they are being attacked. Being attacked by hundreds of thousands of people isn’t something most people have to deal with in their everyday lives. President Trump is human, and he may not always say the right things, but when does anyone? No one is perfect, and we’re all going to make mistakes.

I think he deserves the opportunity to prove to our country that he can aid us even if he doesn’t always say things people want to hear. He is a very honest, open person. He hasn’t changed that, and he isn’t ever going to. Some things he says are not always smart, but I believe he’s doing the best he can to handle the media, along with many other things, in the extreme lifestyle he now has. He has shown us that he won’t crack under the pressure of the media, and he will only continue to fight, which is a quality I think is essential in any leader of our country.