logo2By Grayson Baird

Donald Trump has made his fair share of mistakes when dealing with the media. Part of this comes from his impulsive behavior and his opposition to political correctness. He might not always say the right thing, but he manages to get attention.

Trump does a surprisingly good job at dealing with the media. Whether it is positive or negative, he gets attention. So many politicians tell Americans what they want to hear rather than what they need to hear. We, as Americans, need to know the truth about the beliefs and plans of the person we are electing to help run our country, whether we agree or disagree with them.

Trump has received more attention from the media than any other president in our past about the measures he plans to take as he runs the country. This is because he chooses not to hide his agenda from the public. Rather than tip-toeing around the change he believes our country needs, he lays it all out on the table so every citizen may know exactly what is ahead of us.

Trump handles the media differently than politicians have in the past, but that does not mean he is handling it poorly. The straight-to-the-point and sometimes brutal statements President Trump has made may have sparked a turn in politics. Future politicians may decide to go against the status quo and run a more open and honest campaign.

The media is a complicated medium to handle. News can get twisted and interpreted differently as it travels through the public. Biased news stations and strongly opinionated social media accounts make it nearly impossible to please everyone.

This is what makes America so great and so complicated at the same time. Would we rather elect a president that is more focused pleasing everyone in the eyes of the media, or a president that is more focused on making changes that will hopefully benefit everyone?