logo2By Cece Kizer

The earliest memory I have of being influenced by media is when I was 5. I was obsessed with kid’s songs. Wherever I was – at school, at home, in the car, taking a bath – I had to listen to the CDs.

I knew every word of all of the songs, and when I got the opportunity to watch the “music videos,” I jumped at the opportunity. I was even able to imitate the dances. My siblings and parents were glad when I finally grew out of children’s music.

As I’ve grown up, I use media differently, and so do my mom and dad. Compared to my parent’s media, my experience is very different. My parents are not as active on social media, so they receive news differently and aren’t as closely involved in their friend’s daily lives. My parents dislike how much social media has taken over. They mostly use Facebook. I mostly stick to Twitter and Instagram, where people share more personal thoughts and feelings.

They typically read about things in the newspaper or in a magazine, and I usually stick to my phone. My parents also rarely text, but that’s how I prefer to communicate with people. Also, music has drastically changed, and my parents do not prefer to listen to my generation’s top hits. Even the amount of television/reality shows has increased tremendously, and I know my mom hates almost every show my friends and I enjoy.

Growing up, I did not use electronics as much as kids do today. Children today are always looking at some type of screen to watch shows or entertain themselves with games. Even though I do use media to keep myself entertained, I use media differently by keeping updated on current events.

I love to listen to music all the time. I think that kids aren’t as into music, but enjoy TV and electronic games more. Even if they do listen to music, it’s on a phone or iPod, so they rarely listen to the radio, whereas I listen to both. It’s crazy how the media is used differently across all generations.