logo2By Makenzie Brinson

Most little girls dream of princesses and fairytales. I obsessed over them.  My first media memory is the real life “Cinderella” staring Brandy. This movie stayed on repeat on my tiny rundown VCR, but boy was it a trusty VCR.

Though it might sound funny, this one movie shaped the way I began to view relationships, love and life. It  taught me how to believe in love, even if you have set the bar a little too high, and it began my weird, and somewhat insane, obsession with Disney World and princesses.

For a large part of my childhood, I grew up listening to Tim McGraw’s CDs. My mom is obsessed with Tim, so naturally that is all we listened to. Though my music taste and the way I listen to music has since changed, McGraw is one of the earliest memories I have of being introduced to the music industry.

Media has been evolving, changing, and advancing since it began. Each year, it seems as if there is a newer, faster, more efficient product coming out. We have evolved from nailing the daily news to the town board, to getting an update at the click of a button. Technology and media advances have made communicating easier than ever. Younger generations are beginning to use media earlier.

I am part of Generation Y, a generation known for its technological advances. Therefore, the technology of my generation is different than the technology available in my parents’ generation. My parents did not get a mobile phone until they were in college because mobile phones were not invented until the 1970s.

Media has evolved from primarily print press to electronics and social media. My parents have had to adapt to the new advancements and learn how to use them. I have grown up with social media and different kinds of technology.