logo2By Patrick Chacone

My earliest media memory is newspapers. I remember when I was 3 or 4. I watched my parents read the newspaper every Sunday morning. After they were done with a section, I read the article hoping to be like my parents. I did this through kindergarten.

The media today is beyond advanced compared to what my parents had growing up. In my life, there has always been email, cellphones, internet, and television. These have always been in my life and will be for quite some time, I imagine. As kids, my parents had radio, newspapers, and some houses had televisions, but not all.

Children today definitely have difficulty comprehending the childhood my parents had. I have seen kids today, and I’m sure you have too, that are navigating iPads. It boggles my mind how kids as young as age 2 can successfully find their games/shows on phones and tablets.

As technology is engrained in the new generation from the beginning, the media they’re using takes them away from real childhood experiences. I remember playing with Legos. Kids today are playing Minecraft, which simulates Legos to an extent. This is fine, however, it’s different from the way I grew up where a “playdate” was more social, rather than staring at a screen for hours.