logo2By Brittney N. Jackson

The media once enjoyed by our parents, which includes the invention of television and new shows, is far different from texts, Tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts enjoyed by us on cellular devices. And the way we give and receive media is different from younger children who use media for more self-driven purposes.

Today, there is an increase in obscene topics, a lack of wholesome shows that teach values and lessons, and an overall lack of substance. Shows like “That’s So Raven” and “Lizzie McGuire” that were funny and offered life lessons, such as being a good student, are non-existent today. Older shows invented during our parents’ time, like “Living Single” and “Friends,” that showed human interaction between friends and family and offered lessons about how to deal with conflict are non-existent. There is a new lack of censorship, allowing pretty much anything to come on television or go viral on social media.

Hopefully, media will improve in the near future, as standards of what is appropriate and what can help shape society will come back into focus for America. Media needs a true clean-up and shape up to be what it needs to be for Americans who tune in and log-in on a daily basis.