logo2By Taylor Harbour

As children, my family did what many parents typically do in my town; they made me and my siblings try every sport to see which ones we liked. We did not have a lot of down time between school and activities to watch TV or anything, but we almost always found time to get together in our living room to sing and dance to shows. Every time I visited my grandad, he tried to get me to read the newspaper, but it usually resulted in us looking at the comics section and calling it quits.

I have not talked to my parents very much about what the media was like in their younger years, but I can remember how much different it was when I was younger. I remember thinking that my mom was so cool because she had a Razr flip phone and could pick the color. Phone color is just one of many exciting features today.

My mother never got on the computer at home other than to play cards or a game every now and then, or to try to help us with our science homework if she did not already know the answer. Now, my entire family is on their computers/laptops each day to catch up on social media.

Though I have only been on Earth for nineteen years, media has evolved in so many ways even since I was in middle school. Today, many kids get social media accounts at ridiculously young ages. They get cell phones before they know how to use them. Their days are consumed by binge watching Netflix or YouTube videos.

Children use media differently than I did as a child. I have a 5-year-old sister who has an iPod, an iPad, Instagram and Snapchat. Since when do 5-year-olds know how to post Instagram pictures and Snapchat stories? Something most adults are still trying to figure out for themselves, their kindergarten children already know how to do.

Media is a huge part of every age group’s lives now. We rely on it to find out what’s happening in our town or across the country, to see what friends are doing, to see who is getting married or who has died, to keep in touch with family from long distances. We use the media in so many different ways that weren’t imaginable when I was younger. I never thought I would one day be doing the majority of my class work on the internet rather than in class.