logo2By Shanleigh Roberts

The number one way I was influenced by media as I grew up was through television, and I feel that is the only media exposure children need growing up. My first memories of media were “Blue’s Clues,” “Saga,” “Teletubbies,” and “Between the Lions.” Although television shows may seem like a quick entertainment fix for children, shows children watch influence that child’s personality, decisions, and intelligence as they grow up.

For example, I used to watch “Between the Lions” on PBS, which was an educational television show that had to do with reading, specifically. I’m sure there is a chance it was simply a coincidence, but reading has been my best subject. It’s usually pretty easy for me, and while I made around a 20 on the science and math categories on the ACT, my reading score was a 32.

When I was younger, the TV seemed to be the main source of media exposure. Today, I think it’s the social media presented on phones. Children, who do not even know how to properly write their names or know the letters of the alphabet, know what phones are and what people can do with them. It happens so often that a child will come up and ask, “You got games on your phone,” it became a viral internet meme.

I’ve also noticed that cell phones and social media are advancing rapidly. Kids are receiving cell phones at a younger age, and they are on Twitter or Instagram. I think younger children using social media may play a part in what seems like a deterioration of our country.

A few years ago, 10-year-old children were not given cell phones. Their main source of media was television, which is censored much more strictly than the internet. However today, a 10-year-old kid could have immediate access to foul language, political turmoil, and even pornography. With technology advancing, it is harder to preserve the innocence of America’s youth.