logo2By Ashtin Riad

The hottest phone on the market up until I was around 13 or 14 was the Motorola Razr. Touch-screen technology didn’t exist. The internet was a viable source of media from time to time, but the television was the most reliable, widely used source. I remember grand events, like 9/11 or President Barack Obama’s inauguration, broadcast on television sets in our classrooms.

Today, the internet is the biggest source of media. If I were in my grade school class today and watching an event, such as President Donald Trump’s inauguration, there is a 90 percent chance the media outlet used to project this footage to the class would be a computer, an internet link, and a projector. Televisions are slowly losing their once dominant popularity.

Remember the days when Blockbuster was one of the most prevalent places to rent movies? Those days are gone because of Netflix, which shows how dominant and convenient the internet is. The internet has grown so much, you can find just about everything there. I could Google, “How long will it take me to jog to Batesville from Oxford?” and it will give me exact milage, time approximation, etc. The advancement of the internet has been genius, but with great knowledge and power comes great responsibility.