logo2By Christian Johnson

The media has changed drastically during my life, and it’s exciting to imagine how it might evolve. My generation was around when the internet was still in its “Wild West” stage. We witnessed the birth of the modern smartphone and computer. We saw television change from “Full House” and “The Fresh Prince” to “Jersey Shore” and “Teen Mom.”

My first memory of any kind of media has to be staying up and watching “Full House” on “Nick at Night.” It may not mean much, but it is just one example of how television and culture have changed since the 1990s.

Sentiments have changed throughout the years about television and all forms of media. Children born today will never know the almost carefree atmosphere of the media before 9/11. I can remember that fateful day, and most adults can describe in detail how that day affected their lives.

The internet gave rise to new uses for computers and cell phones. Someone in the past may have read a newspaper in the morning over a cup of coffee. Now we can read The New York Times on a tiny computer in our pocket any time.

The use of modern technology has given more people an opportunity to learn about what’s going on. It has changed significantly, and some argue it is for better and worse. We are constantly being informed and updated as events unfold.

I remember getting my first cell phone as a child – a Motorola Razr. This phone was one of the best of its time and was already miles ahead of what our parents grew up with. We’ve gone from rotary, to landline, to bag phones, to a mobile phone that can only be described as a brick, to small computers that are more powerful than those that got us to the moon. Now, fewer houses have a landline, and everyone uses cell phones. There are relatively no phone booths or pay phones. This has lead to globalization, and we are more educated than ever about what is happening around the world.

The rise of new technology and mass globalization has led to a completely different media than our parents grew up with. It has changed society and is constantly evolving with new innovations and events that unfold. There is absolutely no telling where media and technology will go from here or how the political climate and the proliferation of our culture will evolve.