logo2By Sagan Boehm

The earliest media memory I have goes back to elementary school. I remember listening to Bob Marley and The Beatles with my dad in his car.

I’m still a fan of both these great artists. We sang their songs on long road trips and every day after he got off work. They remind me of my youth in the purest most innocent way.

Media has changed my life, and new media has changed society. Media differs greatly today contrasted with my parents’ generation. Today, we see new platforms and agendas. When my parents were my age, people focused on different issues.

Things were simpler, and there wasn’t a wide connection with everyone in the world. Mass media was TV and newspapers. The invention of the internet has played a big role in the development of new media.

Kids these days are more privileged than when I was younger. The best thing I had for education was a LeapFrog and computer games. Now, I see toddlers with iPads watching Kim Kardashian.

In order to keep up with changing times, we must adapt. Technology has become more advanced in recent years. This creates a bit of sloth in people who are born with unyielding opportunity. The media has always fed things to us that we either accept or reject, and by doing one or the other, we, as a community, create the future.