logo2By Nicole Henderson

My earliest media memory was “The Wizard of Oz.” My sister forced me to watch it because she knew I was afraid of that movie. The earliest memory I had with a technology device was a beeper. At the time, I did not know what a beeper was or how to properly use it; I just played with it a lot.

My parents had a Sharp television. Today, we have smart televisions. A smart TV can connect to the internet and is specialized for entertainment. Also, televisions come in high definition, which they did not have at the time

Today, game systems created are much more visual with realistic graphics and live streaming. There is a game system called a HTC Vive, and the features are awesome. It is a game PC that comes virtual reality-ready out of the box.

The internet has always been a way to promote your own business, but today it seems like the only way. Today, people don’t use the radio like they used to. There is something called an aux cord. You plug your phone into your car and listen to your music from your phone without any commercials.

More people today go the internet for media and news information. When I was younger, I used the internet for Barbie doll games or racing games. Today, children use the internet more seriously. Some create their own website or blog at an early age.