logo2By Lexi McCoy

My earliest media memories are from Saturday mornings when I was 6, and my whole family was home. I remember my little brother and I always sat at the table and anxiously waited for my mom and dad to bring us breakfast (which normally consisted of Captain Crunch or Boo-Berry cereal in my younger brother’s case) and put on our favorite cartoons.

My most fond memories are from “Tom & Jerry,” “The Fairly Odd Parents,” “Rugrats,” “Ed,” “Edd n’ Eddy,” “Scooby Doo,” and ‘Looney Toons.” These six shows were pretty much the reason I could get myself to wake up early in the mornings, and I have such great memories of them all.

I remember once after my brother and I watched a couple episodes of “The Fairly Odd Parents,” we made a game out of the show and acted like we were both fairies who could grant anyone’s wishes. It’s so funny to think about now, but now that I’m in this class, it’s really eye-opening to see the impact media has had on me from such a young age, and I’m still trying to decide if that’s a good or bad thing.

I also remember when I was even younger than the age of 6, and I had an Angelica doll that I loved from “Rugrats.” I have a cousin named Haley, who is a year older, and I remember being at my grandma’s. We fought over who got to play with her. Of course that seems so silly now, but as a young kid, who didn’t want to be a character on one of their favorite TV shows?

The last big thing I remember from when I was younger was playing with all of the kids from our neighborhood. (Luckily, we had tons of kids our age to play with) and we each picked a character from “Scooby Doo” to act as. We’d play games like ghost and the graveyard, hide and seek, etc., all while making sure we acted as our character.

There was one day in particular when we were playing this game, a man in his mid-40s had just moved in. It was a person none of us had seen before, which we all thought was odd because we knew everyone from around the neighborhood.

I recall him doing yard work, and another girl from my neighborhood and I were hiding behind my house where this guy’s house was, and he had some tools in his hands, and we sprinted away thinking he was going to hurt us, all while keeping our character roles.

We all ran home to our parents and told them what we thought had happened, and the guy actually came over and talked to my parents, which they weren’t too happy about, because we had made them think something was very wrong.

Moral of the story, media had a huge impact on my childhood and has filled me with fond memories that I’m not sure I’ll ever forget. Media has differed so much since my parents were kids. They didn’t have the options we now have, and I look at this as a good and bad thing.

I think not having these options made them go out and come up with things on their own, which I think is great. It’s so crazy seeing how media changes from one generation to the next, because kids today have iPads and iPhones at 6 years old, which is something my parents get a nice laugh at.

I feel like kids today want to be older than they are, so they start wearing makeup, buying phones, the latest fashion trends, much earlier than kids my age started. This kind of strips away their youth, and they don’t get as much of a chance to live carefree before they start caring about material things.

I’m very lucky to have grown up while this trend of growing up earlier wasn’t around, because I had a very good childhood that was full of imagination and creativity.