logo2By Morgan Fenney

I remember the first time I went to the movie theater. I do not know if I thought of this first because it’s still one of my favorite movies or because the whole experience was rather scary at the time. The Walt Disney animated movie, “Tarzan,” came out when I was about 3 or 4 years old. My mother brought me alone, and during the commercials, I made her go and complain about the speakers. I was so scared because the volume was on so high.

All during my childhood, I was obsessed… I mean obsessed with chocolate. My mom knew if she wanted me to do anything, all she had to do was hand me a piece of chocolate. So of course, to get me to be quiet during the movie, she shoved Sno-Caps down my throat. After my initial shock with the sound, I loved the movie.

Media in our day compared to the media of our parents’ generation is so different. When my parents were my age, they did not even own a cell phone. Technology was so low on everyone’s priority list during my parent’s generation, but now, people my age cannot leave the house without their phone charged on 100 percent.

As we get older, technology seems to be getting way out of hand. When I was a child, I watched television. I did not even have a cellphone until seventh grade, but now children’s lives revolve around technology. To get a baby to be quiet, parents hand them their cell phone or tablet. To occupy a toddler, parents give them a tablet to play online video games.

Although I am complaining about technology ruining the lives of our young generations, I think we have come very far with technology, and it has helped our planet in so many ways. Technology has been a blessing to our country, but I wish that we could keep it out of our children’s hands.

It saddens me every time I see a child face down in an electronic device instead of outside playing hopscotch with their friends. It hurts even more to think about how it will be when it is finally time for me to give birth and raise my own child.