logo2Jaimie Brooding

Media first began in a very simple form – the newspaper. People wrote stories, or more often gossip, about others that seemed to be important and published it for the whole town or city to see. Over time, it has evolved into radio, the television, the internet. Lately, it has become much more about social media.

When my mother and father were children, I remember them telling me how much television they watched about any and every news show they could (They were both a little dorky) in addition to the entertainment shows. Technology has evolved into such an amazingly complex network of different sources. With multiple websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Buzzfeed, and so many others, my generation is able to maintain their relationship with reality while also using these websites and apps for entertainment purposes.

Most political knowledge nowadays is found through “accidental exposure,” meaning the reader of the said article or post wasn’t purposely looking around for that article, but it appeared on their timeline, newsfeed, etc. This is the case with most of my generation. We are mainly up to date only because of accidental exposure. I believe my parents are more likely to pick up a newspaper to be informed of the daily news, where my generation’s news comes from our social media apps and accidental exposure.

My media also differs greatly from my younger brother’s, who is only 4 years younger that me. He only uses social media for communication, and he uses almost every app imaginable, whereas I have narrowed down my favorites. His 24/7 social media and constant communication has left him almost completely out of touch with reality and has also left him with barely any knowledge of how to interact face to face with other humans.

The younger generation also cares less about the actual news because they are young and choose, and are encouraged by most of their parents to remain ignorant. They say things like: “Don’t watch that. You’re not old enough” or “Cover your eyes, sweetie. You shouldn’t be seeing that.”

Parents forever have been shielding their kids from anything that might be painful, gory, depressing, or might damper their joyful moods in any way. Overall, the generation gap is a big factor in what media people use. The older generations are more likely to use classic media. My generation is more likely to use social media and come across accidental exposure to things, while my brother’s generation uses social media just for the aspect of being social.