logo2By Nicole Lavery

My earliest media memory was a tape I watched called “We Sing.” This collection of shows was full of songs sung by characters. They were silly and specifically made for children, kind of like The Wiggles.

I watched these over and over to sing and dance to them, and I can still sing some of the songs. As I grew up, I started to take part in competition dance and musicals. It is interesting how my earliest media memory had an effect on what I chose to participate in as I grew up.

Overtime, media has evolved. Within the past few years, things have changed dramatically, so the media I use today is very different from the media my parents used. One of the biggest differences in media, which stands out to me, is the way I access media compared to the way my parents did. Today, I have the ability to access any type of media at my fingertips.

For example, if I want to watch a movie or TV show now, I type Hulu or Netflix into my search bar, and I immediately have thousands to choose from. If my parents wanted to watch a movie, they had to go to the local blockbuster or movie theater to watch it, and if they wanted to watch a TV show, they had to know the day and time that it aired, or there was no way to access it again later.

Even though I grew up in an age when technology was growing and expanding rapidly, the media children use today differs from the media I had as a child. Today, most children are learning to use computers, iPads, iPhones at such a young age, and this technology has become a big part of the education system.

Most children read books online rather than having an actual book like I did. When I was a child, all the media I was exposed to was pretty much on paper and through tapes, but children today are online accessing all the different types of outlets.