“It is not an easy job like I thought. I am somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to my work, and in journalism, you have to be. What made me want to consider being a journalist is the positive outcomes. Helping someone tell a story that they couldn’t have done themselves is pretty amazing. Being a journalist takes up a lot of your time. This is what I would not like about it. You even have to do work outside of work. If you’re not passionate about your work, then your story will not be any good.” – Nicole Henderson

“In some ways, yes, but not really. It would be noble and fulfilling to inform the public about things they should know, but it’s unbelievably stressful, tense work it seems. And you’re constantly being scrutinized. I don’t want that five days a week.”

“The movie “Spotlight” was definitely very inspiring and, yes, it did inspire me even more to become a journalist. It showed me that journalism can be so much more than just reporting on things that have happened. It showed me that journalism is and can be so powerful if you want it to be. It showed me that I can make a difference as a writer. And it shows what I like to call ‘the power of a pencil.’ For those reasons, I am even more so inspired to be a journalist. ‘Spotlight’ showed me that journalism can be tough, but it inspired me to be tougher.” – Laine-Alden Mansour

“Yes. I was inspired to be a journalist after watching this movie. It shows the perseverance and individualism it takes in order to be a journalist. It certainly made me gain a whole new level of respect for people in he field. This movie is great for people who are trying to decide if journalism is the way they want to go.” – Lexi McCoy

“‘Spotlight’ inspired me to be a journalist because of the insane amount of time and effort the reporters put into the story, the massive amount of people they helped, and the change they brought as a result. Through journalism, this team was able to shine, or literally spotlight, on somethings the police, church and courts weren’t going to do, which was incredibly inspiring and something I’d like to do.” – Eoin McKenna

“It made me want to find the truth and justice for people. These journalists worked so hard, and had to go through so many loopholes, and go against many different aspects that didn’t want the story to break. The journalists really took their job seriously and knew they had to do whatever it took to complete the story to be able to inform the people of this enlightening, yet disturbing story.” – Emily Reynolds

“I would say yes, I was inspired by ‘Spotlight’ to maybe consider becoming a journalist. The character in this movie, specifically Rachel McAdams’ character really stuck out to me. She was so passionate about the case and making sure all these families had justice for everything they had been through over the years. As a journalist, you have this ability to write about things, such as they did, that would shed light on a subject people wouldn’t have known about, providing people with information that could help better our world. Making people more knowledgeable is a pretty remarkable thing that not many people get to say they did. Journalists get to say that, and I think that is something I would like to be a part of.” – Ashton Rawls

“I had always wanted to become a print journalist, but after watching ‘Spotlight,’ I now want to become an investigative journalist. I want to do this because it brings justice to people. I also want to do this because it is more of a thrill to seek out what has gone wrong and why did they do it rather than just be a columnist and write about the Westminster Dog Show.” – Jack Danahar

“I was inspired to become a journalist after watching ‘Spotlight.’ Being a tennis player, I thrive on competitiveness. I am used to facing setbacks and having to overcome them. I think my athletic history has taught me skills that would help me thrive as a journalist. ‘Spotlight’ also portrayed working as a team. After nearly completing my first year of college tennis, I have discovered the love I have for working with others. All in all, the atmosphere and overall work ethic displayed by the journalists in ‘Spotlight’ has motivated me to pursue journalism.” – Alexa Bortles

“No. Even after watching this movie, I still don’t think journalism is for me. I don’t think I have what it takes to be a successful journalist in the sense that, the journalists in this movie were persistent and detail-oriented. I just don’t think I could be that way and get things out of people.”

“After watching ‘Spotlight,’ I was definitely more interested in journalism, but I still do not aspire to be one. ‘Spotlight’ featured the investigative part of journalism, but you truly have no clearance to investigate as a journalist, so you might as well become a detective. I have always had my heart set on marketing, and I do not see myself changing my mind.”

“It inspired me greatly. It just solidified for me the power of the written word. As a journalist/writer, you have a lot that you have to get out to the world. If those journalists hadn’t pushed to get that information out, the Catholic Church would still be effectively hiding what these priests did to thousands of children all over the world. They needed to be outed and held accountable, and that’s what those journalists did. Society would have you thinking that being a journalist isn’t lucrative, but it’s very important for stories to get out. The written word will never die.”

“After watching ‘Spotlight,’ the passion that I have for journalism woke up a bit. To actually be able to get a visual of what my career holds, inspired me.”

“Yes, because their investigating and reporting had such a tremendous impact on many helpless people who were once silent due to being fearful of the church. Without the story, these people wouldn’t have had the relief and justice they experienced. I want my work in life to help others speak out like that. Without journalism, we wouldn’t be able to expose bad people or the wrongdoings of others who should be put to justice.” – Destiny Walsh

“Watching ‘Spotlight’ definitely inspired me to be a journalist after seeing how passionate they were about their work. Also, the work they did was so important and significant. By exposing the church, they brought justice to so many people. The idea that journalism can change lives really inspired me.” – Margaret Wallace

“This movie definitely reassured me that I was in the right field. I love listening to people’s stories, and this movie inspired me to not be afraid to cover issues and stories that can be monumental, beneficial, and overall moving. My desire is to spread the light in any way I can, and ‘Spotlight’ showed me that I can as long as I have that vision to see the light.” – Abby Vance

“Personally, I have never really wanted to become a journalist. My research skills are subpar, and I feel like it is a calling. Journalists are good writers and are resourceful. I am lacking in that area, which would not make me a good journalist. Also, I’m not sure I would be able to handle large stories like attacking the Catholic Church for a just cause.” – Elizabeth Toso

“I believe everyone has wanted to be a journalist at some point. This film shows the thrill of journalism and the satisfaction of it when there is a successful outcome. I was inspired to become a journalist after watching it for those reasons. Everyone wants to tell a story. Journalists just want to tell it and be heard by everyone.” – Morgan Taylor

“I was. The movie showed the slightly adventurous side of journalism. You see the entire team’s efforts good and bad. I loved the determination they had to make this story perfect in order to better the entire world. In a sense, they were like heroes. Many people benefited from this, as shown in the final scene.” – Chauncey Taylor

“‘Spotlight’ showed how tough being a journalist can be. In the end, some might argue that cons outweigh the pros, that we don’t make enough money for the work we’re producing. But being a journalist is about being in pursuit of the truth wholeheartedly for the rest of your life. That may not be six figures, but it’s enough for me.” – Abby Tait

“Yes. I was inspired to become a journalist after watching ‘Spotlight.’ It portrayed what a huge difference exploring stories could make in people’s personal life. Journalists have the ability to provide society with information that could be life changing. Not many other professions have this opportunity to reach millions. Journalists illuminate societal issues that have not been addressed. They have the opportunity to call out corruption by providing the true story of what happened.”  – Elliot Sudduth

“Both yes and no. The passion and purpose of the writers responsible for such important investigative journalism is hugely admirable. However, I know that I would have to overcome a great deal of frustration and sadness to cover this type of material in the face of intense scrutiny.” – Ansley Stephenson

“This movie showed me why people consider being a journalist, but I wouldn’t say that it personally made me want to become a journalist. The amount of time and effort is not worth the scrutiny you have to face.” – Samantha Stephans

“Yes. Because you can publish real stories that go unnoticed. You love all of the information that the public doesn’t. You can help people by publishing the truth. You have power.” – Kedrick Smith.

“No, I was not inspired to become a journalist after watching ‘Spotlight.’ The main reason is because it did not look like something I would want to do for my full-time job. The hours seemed long, and they worked endlessly. Often, they worked and got nothing from it. It seemed like they were a cross between a detective and a writer. It’s not something I would want to do. However, this was just a movie. I’m not sure what it is actually like to be a journalist, so I can’t judge too hard.” – Noah Scannell.

“No. I was already inspired to become a journalist. I think the inspiration came from music magazines I used to get. I’ve always been a decent writer, and I feel the need to inform people about new events or interesting facts.” – C. Olivia Sanders

“Yes. Because I saw how much good they do for people. Thousands of kids had been molested in the church, and it took a national story for them to speak up and get closure.” – Cat Sanders

“I really don’t care to be a journalist like in ‘Spotlight.’ However, it was inspirational because it showed that a profession as simple as writing can truly impact and improve a person’s life. However, on the other hand, it is shown that journalism can also ruin someone’s life just by documenting the truth.” – Shanleigh Roberts