Nosedive: Black Mirror

Hi students. I have graded all of your mid-term projects, and I have marked some of them to revisit when I have time that may possibly run on If you’re not familiar with Oxford Stories, it’s another journalism class I teach. Students produce this website, and their work is sometimes republished in the local media.

Here’s a link to the Oxford Stories Facebook page, if you’d like to follow us:

If you received a 0 on the Mid-Term News Story Project, it was probably because I couldn’t find your story on Google Drive, so I sent you a note about that asking you to put the story on Google Drive and email me when you have done so, so I can reevaluate your grade.

This week, we are on Lesson 7 on Blackboard. The chapter is about public relations, but we will also begin watching three episodes of “Black Mirror” this week.

Up until now, we’ve learned a lot about the history of mass communication, but what about the future of it? This TV show offers a scary glimpse into the near future of social media, and it’s perfect timing since it’s October and Halloween is not far away.

Last semester, students in this class helped create a website called The Black Mirror Project that I’ll show you later. Some of their work was featured here. I’ll also be giving you the opportunity to complete a “Black Mirror” assignment in a few weeks. Some may be selected to appear on the website.

Speaking of Halloween …

Shape Creepy Horror Silhouette Scary Hand Help

Here’s another homework assignment for you. We are thinking of having a SPJ Scary Movie Night in Farley Hall that will also serve as a general interest meeting for the Society of Professional Journalists campus chapter.

So, I want to know how many of you are interested in becoming part of SPJ, and how many of you might be interested in attending the Scary Movie Night. Feel free to share the following link with any Meek School students.

Here is a link to the survey: Please fill it out: