1. You don’t have to provide a video for your final project. Just post your final project in the DISCUSSION FORUM under the MISS. UNDERSTOOD topic.

2. From your class, I added around 10 new Black Mirror Reflections to our Black Mirror Reflection website. Check it out, and see if one of your ideas made it on the site.

I liked all of them, but I selected the ones that seemed like unique ideas that students had not written about before for the site. Maybe “Black Mirror” will see our site and turn one of our ideas into a show 🙂 (We can always dream.) Link: https://blackmirrorideas.wordpress.com/

3. I have one more QUIZ GRADE assignment for you. Please complete this assignment by tomorrow. Answer this question: If you were writing a book for beginner journalists, what are three journalism-related chapters you would include in the book?

In other words, what three journalism-related topics, skills or information do you think beginner journalists want and need to know?

Please post your short answer in the DISCUSSION FORUM under the topic BEGINNER JOURNALISM.

4. Any questions? Email me at ldrucker@olemiss.edu.