1. You do not have to make a video for your final project. Please post it in the DISCUSSION FORUM under the topic MISS. UNDERSTOOD. If you are having trouble doing this, you may want to visit the tech center on campus and get help with it.

2. Some of you have emailed me asking if you could take your final exam in my office. There are simply too many online students for me to allow that. I checked with the testing center today, and they said they are possibly opening up new testing times, so you probably want to check back with them about setting up a time when you can take the test. If not, you will need to use Proctor U. This is an online testing service that you can take via the web. There is also information about it on our website and on the testing center website. You also cannot make up the final exam, so it’s important that you either go take the test in person or you do it online through Proctor U.

3. A few have emailed and asked what is on the exam. The exam will cover all of the chapters that you have read this semester. There will be questions from all of the chapters. Some questions from your mid-term will reappear on your final exam. There are two essay questions. Be sure to put effort into answering your essay questions.